Pos-T-Vac Vacuum Device for Erections

Vacuum therapy has been widely recognized and recommended by the medical profession as a safe and effective system for the management and remedy of erectile dysfunction.

Evidence shows that vacuum therapy systems are a less expensive and healthier alternative to many of the other options available. Pos-T-Vac's battery-operated system (pictured) is an FDA approved, non-prescription treatment available to treat erectile dysfunction.

Vacuum therapy is a safe, effective and reliable non-surgical means of helping a man produce erections suitable for sexual intercourse in a controllable and immediate fashion. It does not require medication, injections, or surgery and is effective in treating erectile dysfunction due to many different causes. Vacuum therapy treatment is a popular solution to the problem of impotence. An erection is achieved by first, placing the penis in a vacuum cylinder, then creating a vacuum, which generates blood flow into the penis which causes rigidity. The erection is held by support rings, which restrict the flow of blood back out of the penis. Using this system, an erection can be safely maintained for up to 30 minutes at a time. The Pos-T-Vac System pictured can be used as often as the client desires and there is no danger of creating too much vacuum or hurting yourself due to the release valve in the system.

Dr. Sanford has the device available in stock in the office. The device is usually covered by Medicare and a supplement so there may be no out of pocket cost to the patient.  Deductibles and copayments will apply.